Hello everyone!

It’s with the greatest pleasure that I announce my forthcoming album. Transistor Sister 2 will be released worldwide on August 2nd via You’ve Change Records. We’re releasing the record at Sappyfest in Sackville, New Brunswick! Sappyfest is the best weekend of the year and I’m over the moon excited to be playing there this summer. The Transistor Sister Band (Jason Baird, Ryan Peters and José Contreras) will be there backing me up and hanging out.
Today the kind folks at Bytefm (Berlin, DE) are premiering our first single Cool All The Time.
You can stream the track here. Cool All The Time features a bunch of pals including a monologue by Chad Vangaalen, a sick wurlitzer riff by Steven Lambke and some synth wizardry by Cole Woods.
Like the first Transistor Sister, the cover of TS2 features a collage by my art and life hero Paul Henderson. Paul is basically the Toronto Raptors of collage.
Transistor Sister 2 was engineered, mixed and produced by my dear friend and collaborator José Contreras. José made this album. He has the best guitar amp and I played through it on almost every song on the record. José is basically the Toronto Raptors of rock and roll guitar tone.
I’m elated by how this record turned out and I can’t wait to share it. Lots of fun stuff ahead in the coming months!
Stay tuned.
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