New single  JOIN THE BAND out today. Click HERE to listen.

11 Responses to MUSIC

  1. Mike Bright says:

    Hey Jim,
    met at the mansion house the other night if you recall, i picked up the vinyl(which im spinning for the 3rd time currently, king of kreuzberg), and i was talking about Perth Andover. Just wanted to leave a message because the album unreal and i am throughly enjoying it. I remember some songs i heard live like bedhead, where might i be able to pick up one of your other cds?
    cheers and all the best, hope to share the stage one day

  2. Marlon says:

    Where can you buy the disc or LP? The physical disc not iTunes.

  3. Nicola Petermann says:

    Hey Jim! That is also my question! Where do I find the Martina Glass song? Saw you yesterday in Bielefeld. So much fun! Thank you! Nicola

  4. Tim Habermann says:

    Saw you in Germany (Duesseldorf and Bremen) with JKS, too. I really loved that song and i bought your album (and it’s great by the way), but unfortunately this song isn’t included. Didn’t find it on youtube either.

    Anny possibilty to get hold of this one. Would be great.

  5. Philipp Grimm says:

    I’ve been looking for the same song and now i’m here 😉

  6. Scott says:

    The song is called “growing like a garden”. It hasn’t been released on an album yet, but I think he said it will be on the next one.

    Here is a link to a video of it though.

  7. Paul Raukar says:

    Wow. I heard the title track from ‘Transistor Sister’ in the early hours of the morning on Pandora. It was so good that I had to turn on the computer and conduct a search. My first question is: what type of guitar amp did you use during the recording of this album? And, will you play Thunder Bay in the future?
    Hello from Northern Minnesota.

  8. Victoria Silver says:

    Hello! I was listening to your set today on cjsw, and I loved the song “every little day I ride my bike to work” so much! I tried searching for it and eventually called the station and they said it was unreleased/made up on the spot? I’m wondering if you’re planning to add it to the next LP or if there’s any sort of recording of it I could purchase.

    Thanks 🙂

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