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3 Responses to BOOKING

  1. fuck wad 2000 aka ryan wheeler says:

    I love you. Well, not you personally…per say…but what you do with your time… rock on! Ever passing through Kenora ON? need food and shelter and a stage and some fans and some more food and some beer and some other stuff? call me.😛 serious.

  2. Kimberly B. says:

    Just wanted to send a quick THANKS for a GREAT show last night at Parts & Labour.

    You’re so ridiculously talented, and your shows are always SO much fun – couldn’t ask for a better set!

    Thanks again; Can’t wait to catch another show soon! xx

  3. Sarah says:

    Hey Jim! Great tunes! I’d love to come to a show, or catch up with you, when you’re in Toronto.
    Sarah Lounsbury (remember me!!!!?)

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