I’m in a new band!

We are The Heat Death. We’ve been working in secret for several years. This is our first single. It’s the hangover remedy for a year of constant disbelief. Happy New Year.

Heat Death Manifesto

there will be no more 2016;

there may be a diminishing of

thermodynamic free energy,

but big hearts and bright minds

will light the way home.

in shopping carts and hotel bars,

we will unfurl the night,

oppositely and equally,

and look you in the eye

with a slow-motion smile.

only because we are hanging on the phone,

desperately scrambling to keep it as crucial as possible.

January 1st 2017

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tourposter europe new

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Field of Trampolines video and Project 9 Preview

Alan Cross has a preview of my new song Project 9 here.

Here’s the new video I made with Colin Medley.

Its best to view it in HD. Youtube can’t handle the psychedelia on lower settings.

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The first single Join the Band is out today.

You can check it out here via the Aunties & Uncles website.

The record is called Field of Trampolines and it comes out on March 18th.

It was produced by Joel Plaskett (Joel rips a deadly solo at the end of  Join the band).

Winnipeg’s Humman music play as my backing band. Check them out here.

There’s more info on the record in my BIO section.

Pre-order from You’ve Changed Records  here.



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Shotgun Jimmie performs “Province to Province” backed by Attack in Black, at the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto on May 9, 2009.

Filmed shortly after the release of Still Jimmie (YC-001) and just before the release of the Attack In Black/Baby Eagle split 12” (YC-002) this video is a rare document of the early days of You’ve Changed Records.

“Damn, I miss playing with those guys! For a few years Attack in Black and I were inseparable. They took me on countless tours as their opener and also played as my backing band. Together we performed many daring acrobatics in hotel pools (mostly diving/leaping over stacks of chairs). We also celebrated holidays and birthdays together. Attack and Black were a truly great band. I’m pretty much the luckiest guy because I got to see them play (and play with them) almost every night for a few years.” – Shotgun Jimmie

“There are moments in this life that can seem as though they were lived a million times. There are certain moments that truly hold what might be called freedom. The boys and I were wrapped up in just that any time we took the stage with Jim. I could never pay that back and only hope someday to be free enough again to return the favour. You’ve Changed is still freedom.” – Daniel Romano

Comradery reigns, the future is lurking in the shadows, and we sing in harmony with our younger selves.

Colin Medley

Audio Cleanup:
Lucas Prokaziuk

Shotgun Jimmie
with Attack in Black:
Spencer Burton
Daniel Romano
Ian Romano
Ian Kehoe

“Province to Province” appears on the album Still Jimmie (YC-001):

You’ve Changed Records

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Family Magic Fun tour 2015!

This summer I’m hitting the road with two of my Favorite groups.

(See “tour dates” page for details).

tour poster2

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Check out the official video for North! from Everything, Everything. The Super 8 video was shot and edited by  Colin Medley. See more of Colin’s work here.

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